portret instruktora Mariola Muras Prax


Personal Trainer, Pilates Instructor

Mariola is involved in Pilates since she began her first training over 10 years ago. First “chapter” was Pilates on mats. Later,  during her journey across Latin America, she became familiar with Pilates with equipment. That time she discovered characteristics of classical Pilates. This is how new chapter titled “True Pilates”/ “Pure Pilates” has began. Mariola explores True Pilates Method and passes on knowledge and experience to her clients during training sessions. She loves movement, especially natural and functional – one that gives a sense of development, satisfaction and provides many endorphins. She isn’t able to pass indifferently to the athletic stadium or boxing room. She likes to try new disciplines and has a weakness for extreme forms, especially those related to water and mountains. She is convinced that the Pilates method fits well with other forms of activity and supports and helps in the development and achievement of better results.


  • Diploma Health Trainer (Andreas Goller) Euro Fitness School
  • E.S.T. (Dave Stauffer)
  • Functional Training (Stefano Carlini)
  • Fitness Trainer (Andreas Goller)
  • Diploma level I / level II (Daniela Pignat)
  • Training on equipment and mat – Anna Gaszewski (Classical Pilates 3rd Generation) Pure Pilates Stuttgart
  • Workshops CHAIR AND SPECIAL NEED CLIENTS and ADVANCED CLIENTS IN BASIC EXERCISES with Cynthia Shipley Romana’s Pilates New York
  • Work at Ciszewska Pilates Studio (3 years)


  • Training for pregnant women
  • Exercises with small devices
  • Training to support other sports (climbing, surfing, boxing)