Physiotherapist and Pilates Master Instructor

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Physiotherapist and Master Instructor of the Pilates Method with 20 years of experience gained in famous Sport Therapy and Rehab Services clinic in East Meadow, NY where she performed complex movement rehab and several physiotherapeutic procedures. She had been helping patients with orthopedic disorders and those recovering from complicated surgical procedures getting them back on their feet. She had been running her own Pilates studio and manual therapy center in Woodmere, NY for seven years. As a therapist of endurance athletes of Team Total Training she was responsible for the enhancement of Triathlon team results. In the end of 2010 she returned to Poland and settled down in Sokolec – a picturesque village in Sowie Mountains. She created the FizjoPilates Studio brand. In facilities in Wrocław, Wałbrzych and Sokolec, she provides individual and group classes, physiotherapy, and conducts instructor training in her FizjoPilates School. She promotes a healthy and active lifestyle, and successfully introduced the Pilates method to standard exercise therapy.

  • Since spring 2014 she has been organizing Pilates holidays and retreats in Poland.
  • Since 2019, she owns of the “Podgórska Odskocznia” in Sokolec.

Małgorzata is a Pilates Method teacher and instructor certified by international organization PMA (Pilates Method Alliance).


  • Medical Vocational School ( Department of Physiotherapy)in Konstancin-Jeziorna, Poland
  • State University of Stony Brook (Department of Biology), New York
  • IMX Pilates School, New York
  • Harmonious Pilates Inc, Roslyn
  • Master’s Program, the Pilates Center, Boulder, Colorado
  • Wroclaw School of Nordic Walking


  • Working with patients suffering from spine disorders
  • Correcting curvature of the spine of children
  • Working with endure athletes and amateurs (motorsports triathlons etc.)
  • Healthy lifestyle workshops
  • Trainings for instructors