Personal Trainer, Pilates Instructor

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Magda started attending Pilates trainings in France – her former place of living where she became familiar with Classical Pilates Method 8 years ago. All she was initially looking for was a relief from back pains she suffered after hours spent in front of a screen as she was working as a graphic designer. However the amazing effect of Pilates -enhanced fitness, growing awareness of the body and positively affected all aspects of life made her fall in love with the Method and dedicate part of her life to it and gain a new profession. “Converted” from a sitting lifestyle, she appreciates every day her current work, movement and its impact on the general well-being. Therefore she infects with enthusiasm for mild forms of movement, such as slow jogging or Pilates, whoever she can. Magda completed training of Slow instructors Jogging organized by the Slow Jogging Polska Association. In Pilates and other forms of physical activity, she seeks a connection of body, soul and mind. She also considers a healthy diet as an important and indispensable pillar of health. She is a co-organizer of Pilates retreats.

Magdalena is a Pilates Method teacher and instructor certified by international organization PMA (Pilates Method Alliance).



  • OM Personal Trainer Diploma of Open Mind Fitness School
  • Pilates Mat I Training Course at Karolina Libelt Studio
  • Certificate – Pilates instructor – Mat I, Mat II, Mat III, Fizjopilates Studio
  • Training – Pilates instructor – Pilates on equipment, Fizjopilates Studio
  • Certificate – Slow Jogging Instructor, Slow Jogging Poland Association
  • Postgraduate studies in psychodietetics, SWPS Wrocław – in progress


  • Holistic work with clients (Pilates + Slow Jogging + diet + relaxation)
  • Trainings with seniors
  • Workouts with small equipment
  • Relaxations, breathing exercises
  • Organizing Pilates Retreats