Few times a year we organize Pilates retreats in beautiful places in Poland and abroad. The main theme of the getaways is obviously Pilates – the unique exercise routine that gives you strength, flexibility and balance while gradually awakening your body self-awareness.

We pick the destinations and hosts carefully to make sure that apart from getting fitter, our guests have a chance to visit extraordinary places and meet interesting people. Our retreats are perfect both for those who are fit already and those who want to “get in shape”. The physiotherapist is always on site and caring to make your trainings safe and efficient. We adjust the level of difficulty of our trainings to suit the group and if needed divide the participants in smaller groups according to their physical ability. Apart from Pilates we offer Nordic Walking or Slow Jogging trainings – a great thing to do when in beautiful surroundings! We usually finish our active day with a relaxation session when we learn to breathe and relax consciously, gaining better control over the stress, our mind and body.

Upcoming retreats will be announced soon