What is Pilates all about?

Pilates is a recently promoted movement technique and exercising method enhancing general fitness of the human body. The method was developed by Joseph Hubertus Pilates, a German born athlete and enthusiast of healthy and active lifestyle .Highly estimated in the USA, the method has been spreading worldwide gaining more and more practitioners in several countries. This outstanding set of exercises allows for  strengthening and stretching of muscles, improves spine flexibility and positively affects balance and body posture. It makes your body slender, correct asymmetries and other defects of posture. Pilates teaches breathing techniques, prevents from osteoporosis and helps women get back in shape after birth. It adds up perfectly to trainings in several sport disciplines. The method focuses on muscular corset of the body, particularly on deep abdominal muscles to elongate and decompress the spine and therefore to rest the spine and regain its natural flexibility. While exercising Pilates all movements need to be perfectly coordinated with breathing, which stimulates growth of awareness and the improvement of body posture of the practitioner. The technique differs from any other because you have to stay focused or ”centered” all the time while coordinating breathing with smooth and deliberate flow of movements. It is all about quality not just quantity of repeated exercises.

Professional Pilates Equipment

At FizjoPilates Studio we use dedicated Pilates equipment produced by Balanced Body, a reputable American company .We are offering exercises with Reformer, Cadillac, Wendi Chair, Ladder Barrel and others like mats, rollers, balls and rings.

Why should you try Pilates equipment workouts?

Our practitioners are usually stunned with the effects when they decide to start working out with equipment. This is when they really get to know the method and realize that exercising on mats and devices complement each other, optimizing the benefits for their body. Individual character of equipment workouts guarantees the highest possible efficiency of the training. The instructor provides guidelines for best practice and may eliminate any mistakes at all times while having an opportunity to select perfect solutions adjusted to particular needs of each client. She can also monitor progress and ensure safety of the practitioner, so they can easily get the best out of the method.